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Skylur J. Spagone Memorial Fund


The Spagone family went through an experience every parent fears. They lost their only daughter, Skylur at the tender age of 2 in a tragic accident. Skylur’s life, however brief, inspired the establishment of the Skylur J. Spagone Memorial Fund. Established in May 2000, by a dedicated group of Skylur’s family and friends, with the idea and purpose of focusing the Fund’s attention towards children. Skylur missed her opportunity to learn, to explore, to play, to grow, to be a child, the vision is simple, no child for any attainable reason should miss the experiences of life


Skylur J. Spagone Memorial Fund seeks to enhance the quality of children’s lives by providing the resources to help in each community. We believe that it is our responsibility, along with the community is to provide an atmosphere of mutual concern with a Stop, Look, and Listen attitude towards the large and small details of learning, exploring, playing, and growing.

Mission and Values

Skylur J. Spagone Memorial Fund works to enhance the quality of life for children through it’s leadership, resources, traditions and values.

  • We value the growing process of childhood, the experiences that are necessary to sustain a healthy development.
  • We value life and uphold positive reinforcement in every aspect of the growing process.
  • We value the trust and respect of each community and continually strive to earn and sustain that trust, by providing strength and happiness where we can, in every child’s life.
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